This is the chance to be a model to get the procedures you want for only a fraction of the cost while you help our artists become better at their craft.

We will demonstrate
– Nano Hairstrokes Brow
– Shading Powder Brow
– Ombre Shading Brow
– Basic Eyeliner
– Soft Eyeliner
– Lip blushing
Every service for Model call is $100
– Touch up in 6-8 weeks after the first session is $100 
– More than 8 weeks is $150 
– Over 6 months is $200
We offer an inexpensive program for procedures being performed by our students in training.
To become a model in a classroom, must meet all requirements. 
Requirements to be approved for Model rate.   
1. Must be “virgin” skin, No previous work before. Or must be very light. No Ashy, Blue, Green brow
2. Must have nice skin. Normal skin or dry skin, small pores. No breakouts. No keloid.
3. Not pregnant or breastfeeding.
4. No major health issues. 
5. Age between 20-55 year old